1.1 - Turn the top portion of the lid so the two lines correspond and lift the lid upwards.

1.2 - Insert 4 AA LR6/HR6 batteries into the respective slots, ensuring that the minus side (flat end) of the batteries are touching the springs, also shown by the corresponding symbols located next to each battery slot.



1.3 - Once batteries are correctly installed, place the lid back on confirming the painted lines correspond then turn the lid slightly until you hear a fastening click and the lid is secured back on.






2.1 - Holding the transparent acrylic tank and the main stainless steel body, turn the main body so that the black painted arrow is parallel to the unlock symbol and remove once you hear a click sound.




2.2 - Fill the transparent tank with salt or pepper and reconnect the tank with the main stainless steel piece, with the unlock logo and painted arrow aligned and turn until you hear the click, and it is locked back into place.



2.3 - To adjust the coarseness of the ground salt & pepper, turn the adjust knob located on the underside of the mill which can be seen on the picture below.

Please Note -

Each circle does not represent a coarseness setting.

The fine and coarse marks on the underside are to be used as an indication as to which way to turn for a finer or coarser grind.



 2.4 - To enjoy using your mill, simply press the button on the top to operate.







3.1 - Ensure batteries are inserted correctly in line with the + & - sign shown. This can be easily made sure by the - end (flat side) of the battery touches the spring, with the + end (protruding side) not touching a spring.


3.2 - Make sure the spice container is properly connected to the main body correctly using the lock and unlock marks.


3.3 - The fine & coarse adjustor (black piece) underneath is not set too fine therefore not allowing the motor to turn due to either factory setting or user tightening too tight.


3.4 - The fine & coarse adjustor is attached to driveshaft which turns with operation of the motor, so do not be mistaken it will always turn and the coarseness setting should not change.


3.5 - Ensure the two lid teeth or lugs are positioned in between each set batteries and not in line with the batteries to ensure the lid can be closed correctly.


3.6 - If struggling to click the battery lid back into place this could be due to the size of the battery casings. The plastic casing on batteries can vary from brand to brand, this can cause the battery casing to not allow the lid to turn fully. This can be corrected by opting for an alternative brand of batteries.






 Latent Epicure advises to conduct a simple clean to the drive shaft, which is the metal bar going through the centre of the acrylic spice container, every 2-3 times the acrylic spice container has emptied. This will ensure the optimisation and longevity of the mill.


To conduct a simple clean follow the 4 step guide:

 1. Ensure spice container is empty, then unscrew and remove the fine and coarse knob located underneath.

2. Remove the ceramic grinding mechanism ensuring the black plug is inside the ceramic mechanism, along with removing the spring.

 3.Putting the spice container, the right way up pull the metal driveshaft up through the black plastic collar.

 4. Wipe down the driveshaft ensuring no spice residue is built up and replace components in reverse order.




5.1 - Do not use different types of batteries together. Do not mix old and new batteries.


5.2 - Always remove exhausted batteries and dispose of safely.

5.3 - If batteries have leaked, remove them, clean the contacts and wash your hands.


5.4 - If appliance is going to be unused for a long time, remove batteries to prevent leakage.


5.5 - Never immerse the appliance in water or any other liquid for any reason whatsoever.




A 12 month warranty is provided with all products purchased directly from Latent Epicure or through authorised resellers. 

This Latent Epicure product is warranted worldwide for 1 year from the date of purchase against defects to the grinding mechanism and body. This warranty is not transferable. Keep the original sales receipt. Proof of purchase is required to obtain warranty performance. The warranty does not apply to any defect arising from a buyer’s or user’s misuse of the product negligence, failure to follow Latent Epicure instructions noted or wear and tear. If a replacement product is sent, it will carry out the remaining warranty of the original product.  


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